Perspectives in a COVID World

Greg Barker
May 05, 2020
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We can only know our own experiences and must be open to learning the stories of others. But learning from others as we are socially distant is difficult. We are always on a journey of learning and discovery. To better support our students and families, we need to hear (and hopefully understand) how this current reality is impacting them.

Equity Matters is a Seattle, Washington based consulting firm. They specialize in providing training, assessments, and consultation around racial equity and systemic change using research-based and tools developed through an extensive history of work. They focus our work on supporting non-profits, government, educators, and philanthropy. And they believe to make change we must use a Head, Heart, and Hands approach.

Equity Matters has collected a vast collection of articles to help inform us as we move through COVID-19, all from various perspectives. It is an amazing place to start to learn. COVID-19: Journalists of Color* Racial Equity Focused Articles

The article groupings include:

  • Native/Indigenous Communities/Tribal Nations
  • Black Communities
  • Asian Communities
  • Latino/A/X Communities
  • Race and Disability Justice
  • Race and Economic Justice
  • Race and . . . Environmental Justice, Immigration Justice, Restorative Justice, Educational Justice
  • Racial Equity: Community Solutions, Healing, And Care
  • General Articles 

They use the broad term 'Journalists of Color' in the title, but have broken the articles by topic area into more specific groups, currently focused on Native/Indigenous, Black, Asian, and Latino/a/x communities. And as they have pointed out on their page, they have done their best to verify that authors are people of color, via the very imperfect system of searching for online verification of the author self-identifying their race OR visual identification in some cases. It a great clearinghouse of information as we attempt to gain a better understanding of the impacts on our students and families.

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