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James Layman


Director of Student Programs

James joined the AWSL staff in the summer of 2017. James has been a part of the AWSL organization since 2001 since attending camp as a delegate, as has served as a Junior Counselor, Senior Counselor, and Camp Director. James taught band and marching band in the Spokane area.


  • Oversees and directs student voice initiatives and programs 
  • Eastern Washington support 
  • AWSL Program and curriculum writer, facilitator, and keynote speaker 
  • AWSL Webmaster


About James

James Layman joined the AWSL staff in the summer of 2017 as a Program Director with an emphasis on providing support in Eastern Washington. James has been involved in student leadership with AWSL since the summer of 2001, having attended Mt. Baker Leadership Camp and serving as a Junior Counselor at Mt. Triumph Leadership for three summers. James currently serves as Director of Mission Peak Leadership Camp and is a Senior Counselor at Mt. Triumph Leadership Camp. James is a graduate of Central Valley High School and attended Eastern Washington University, focusing on Music Education, Psychology, and African-American History.

James taught band and marching band throughout the Spokane area and is still an active marching band show designer. James currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Student Activity Advisers (NAWD) and serves on the PACE (Partners Advancing Character Education) Board in Spokane. Through AWSL, James is a keynote speaker, curriculum writer, and a program facilitator throughout Washington State. James has been a presenter at the Washington Activity Coordinators Association, National Conference on Student Activities, and the NatStuCo National Conference. James lives and works out of Spokane, WA.

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