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David Morrill

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Communications Director

David joined AWSP in December 2013 after working for OSPI. He worked on the Basic Education Finance Task Force and started on the Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program in 2010. 


  • All forms of digital media, including the website, video production, staff photography, podcasting, and social media.
  • Managing editor of Washington Principal magazine.
  • Creates Principal Matters newsletters and assists with Legislative Update.
  • Public relations and external communications.
  • Technology support.
  • Summer Conference app.
  • Assists with marketing and professional learning.

About David

David started in education while working at the Legislature, serving as non-partisan committee staff. After that, he spent six years at OSPI working on education finance and TPEP. He was a member of the first full four-year graduating class at River Ridge High School from North Thurston Public Schools and graduate of Western Washington University.

David grew up playing ice hockey (his mom is Canadian) and started playing tennis in high school. In his free time, David is either hanging out with his wife Taylor, his cat, or his adorable daughter Marleaux (all listed in the order he acquired them). If he's not at home, he's at work, playing tennis, going to concerts and sporting events, on a trip to Whistler, or most likely, in line at the Apple store.

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