School Celebration Newsletter | November Edition

Cindy Cromwell, Alternative Learning Education Administrator for the Kelso School District
Nov 01, 2020


This comes to us from Cindy Cromwell, a principal in the Kelso School District. If you registered for our Virtual Summer Conference, be sure to watch her course, A Commitment to Supporting the "Whole" Staff on our learning management system.


As we move into our eleventh month of the year, AKA November, we are faced with entering the holiday season. For many, this brings traditions for Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and maybe even black Friday shopping. November also brings term changes, report cards, and conferences for many of our schools. This is a month we as principals must help our staff find some sort of balance between work and family. Adding some fun and intentional reminders of our care for every staff member will be a game-changer this month. November is the perfect month to turn your staff room into a room of serenity if even for a day. You can do this by providing soft lights, miniature zen gardens, beverages, snacks, battery-operated candles, miniature water features, lotions, salt rocks, facial kits, and other spa-like features. I guarantee your staff will feel loved. Take care and enjoy this month's edition.


November 3 – "National Sandwich Day" | Look for great deals on sandwiches at Subway, Costco, and Jimmy Johns along with your community sandwich shop. Bring in a platter of sandwiches for lunch or an afternoon snack. If you are virtual or if money is tight ask everyone to bring a sandwich to lunch today and eat together. The principal can provide some decorations to beautify the staff room. (flowers, music)

November 4 – "National Candy Day" | So many ideas for this one! Have a candy buffet for an afternoon snack. Provide a candy cart for staff to choose from with classroom delivery. 

Or here are a few of my favorites...purchase Swedish Fish and attach a card "You're O'Fish'Ally Amazing". Rename Reese's Pieces to "Recess Pieces" for your recess staff. Almond Joy with a note "It's a JOY to work with you." 100 Grand..."You are worth so much more." Look candy bar..."When I look up awesome I see you." A bowl of Smarties..."These are Named after You."

November 5 "American Football Day" | Turn lunchtime into a Football Party where everyone brings their favorite appetizers.

November 5  –
"National Hot Sauce Day" | Provide Red Hots for your "Red Hot Team"

November 6 – "National Nachos Day" | Chips, Salsa, and Cheese anyone? There are also Nacho Lunchables you can provide as a mid-morning treat for staff. 

November 10 – "National Vanilla Cupcake Day" | How easy is this one? You could also purchase frosted vanilla cupcakes and have a decoration bar available for staff/students to finish the final touches on their creation.

November 13  – "National Hug A Musician Day" | Provide your music teachers with a bag of Hersey Hugs to celebrate this special day and acknowledge their dedication.

November 13 – "World Kindness Day" | This is a great day to encourage your students to do a random act of kindness for someone. Have them post their accomplishments using social media. Don't forget to have participants use their school hashtag to promote school pride.

November 15 – "National Clean Out Your Fridge Day" | I know it's a Sunday BUT when was the last time your staff fridge was cleaned out? Use this week to encourage staff to throw out their expired treats. 

November 17 – "National Hiking Day" | Physical Education can come alive for your families today. Have staff, students, or families take pictures today while going on a walk. Combine the pictures into a collage to share on your school social media account.

November 18 – "Mickey Mouse Day" | What can you do today to make your school one of the "Happiest Schools on Earth"?

November 19 – "National Camp Day" | Transition high traffic areas such as cafeteria, office and library into "Camp Learn A Lot". Put up tents, lawn chairs, fake campfire, and pass out smores. Refer to everyone as a "camper."

November 19 – "World Toilet Day" | Bring in the real toilet paper for staff and place it in the staff bathrooms. They will appreciate "the good stuff" today.

November 20 – "Future Teachers of America Day" | A day to celebrate the greatest profession of all time. Ask staff to share why they became a teacher. You could make a video of the answers and share it with your families or play guess who at your next staff meeting.

November 23 – "National Espresso Day" | Create a coffee bar for your staff or bring in a Keurig with all of the winter flavors for staff to use. Take a warm beverage out to your staff on bus duty or monitoring recess.

November 30 – "National Mason Jar Day" | Fill mason jars with special treats to provide staff. OR one of my favorites..... purchase mason jars and solar lids with an LED string of lights. (Check out Amazon for the set). Put the lights in the jar and hand out to staff. This can serve as a reminder of the light they are to others. Be creative and have fun with a simple and heartfelt message.

Cindy has over 20 years of administrative experience. She is currently the Alternative Learning Education Administrator for the Kelso School District where she serves as the principal of Loowit High School and the Kelso Virtual Academy. Cindy has two teenagers and has been married for 21 years to her husband Leszek. Follow her on Twitter at @sholtys.

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