Legislative Update for April 23, 2021

Roz Thompson, Governmental Relations & Advocacy Director, AWSP
Apr 23, 2021

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The final week of this year’s legislative session is about to come to a close. The last day is Sunday, April 25 and we are all anxiously awaiting final budget details. Earlier this week, there was a “handshake deal” between the House and the Senate on the operating budget. The staff has been working for the past few days to put the final bill together. It should be released on Saturday. It is usually the last bill passed before the Legislature adjourns.

I will send out a much more comprehensive legislative update when we know more about the budget.

Besides reaching a budget deal, the last week of the session was extremely busy as legislators worked to agree on final versions of bills related to police reform, the Blake Decision, climate change, capital gains tax, transportation, childcare, and other issues. If you are interested in short, succinct, non-partisan news about any of these topics or bills, check out The Washington State Wire.

These education bills have passed both houses and have either already been signed by Governor Inslee or await his signature in the next few days.

Passed Bills

House Bills

  • HB 1028 | Repealing the EdTPA
  • HB 1085 | Students with seizure disorders
  • HB 1113 | Concerning school attendance
  • HB 1121 | Emergency graduation waiver
  • HB 1139 | Taking action to address lead in drinking water
  • HB 1176 | Access to higher education (fines and fees)
  • HB 1208 | Modifying the learning assistance program
  • HB 1214 | Providing K–12 public school safety and security services by classified staff
  • HB 1225 | School-based health care centers
  • HB 1273 | Concerning menstrual products in schools
  • HB 1295 | Concerning institutional education
  • HB 1302 | Concerning college in the high school programs
  • HB 1325 | Implementing policies related to children and youth behavioral health
  • HB 1342 | Eliminating lunch copays for students who qualify for reduced-price lunches
  • HB 1356 | Prohibiting the inappropriate use of Native American names, symbols or images as public school mascots, logos, or team names
  • HB 1363 | Addressing secondary trauma in the K–12 workforce
  • HB 1365 | Procuring and supporting appropriate computers and devices for public school students and staff
  • HB 1373 | Promoting student access to information about behavioral health resources
  • HB 1426 | Continuing education requirements for administrators and teachers
  • HB 1476 | Addressing enrollment declines
  • HB 1484 | Concerning the statewide first responder building mapping information system

Senate Bills

  • SB 5030 | Comprehensive school counseling programs
  • SB 5044 | Professional learning related to equity, cultural competency, and dismantling institutional racism in schools
  • SB 5128 | Concerning student transportation funding
  • SB 5184 | Establishing a point of contact in all K–12 schools for students in foster care
  • SB 5237 | Expanding accessible, affordable child care and early childhood development programs
  • SB 5249 | Mastery based learning
  • SB 5299 | Allowing computer science courses as a third year of either a math or science graduation requirement
  • SB 5322 | Prohibiting dual enrollment between SEBB and PEBB

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