Goodbye, Job Jar. Hello, Career Center.

David Morrill, Communications and Technology Director, AWSP
Apr 21, 2022

AWSP Career Center Blog Post


It’s Here…Introducing the AWSP Career Center

Goodbye, Job Jar, hello, Career Center. After many years, we’re retiring the old “job jar.” In its place, you’ll find a much more powerful and fully featured AWSP Career Center. With new features for job posters and job seekers, everyone has something new and improved.

New Features

Posting a Job

  • create job posting templates
  • for districts that pay membership dues, basic job posts are free
  • options to highlight your positions, buy banner ads, and be included in a job flash email
  • access to resume banks
  • create your company profile to see all open jobs in your district

Finding a Job

  • more search options
  • save searches and get alerts
  • upload your resume
  • personalized job matching
  • clean, responsive design
  • more job search and resume resources

Why the Change?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever tried to visit the job jar only to have it be down? We are imagining too many hands up right now, so the first big reason is availability and reliability. The old job jar was running on custom code written nearly two decades ago for a database system we no longer use and running on servers collecting dust. By moving to a new, industry-leading job board, we don’t have to worry about downtime anymore. Even when the job jar was running smoothly, it was pretty limited in what it could do. The new AWSP Career Center will offer much, much more.

New Features

The AWSP Career Center runs off the YM Careers platform. It’s the same job board software that our friends at the National Association of Elementary School Principals use, and it solves two issues job posters, and seekers had before. The biggest benefit for job seekers is saving job searches and having matching jobs emailed to you! No more mashing that refresh button like you’re trying to buy your tween front row Taylor Swift tickets. Frequent visits and refreshes are a large part of why our job jar would have three times the traffic than our homepage. When I first started at AWSP over nine years ago, I wanted to change our tagline to “we’re more than the job jar.” I’m kidding…mostly.

Districts will have significant benefits, too, with much more control over their job postings and more options and features to help promote them. Whether you want to create a job posting template, see more information about your job postings, browse the anonymous resume bank, or create a company profile page with all your job listings, there’s a lot more control, features, and flexibility.

The Details

The best thing about our old job jar — it was dead simple. No account, password, cost, or anything else. With everything in life and technology, no pain, no gain. You’ll need to create an account to post, apply, or save job searches with the new Career Center. At launch, this will be a new YM Careers account. We’ll migrate to using our AWSP account system to log in to the Career Center in the coming weeks. Here’s the good news: if you’ve already created a YM Careers account, when you sign in with your MyAWSP account, you’ll have access to everything you did with the YM Careers login as long as your email and first and last name match.

The other significant change is the ability for job posters to pay to promote jobs. This can include placement in the Job Flash email sent twice a month to all members, highlighted search results, social media mentions, etc. Districts can also job the anonymous resume bank, and if they see a good fit, purchase access to the resume, but only if the person who posted it is interested in being contacted by the district.

We know from our research that many districts won’t ever pay to promote a job posting, and some others can spend up to $2,000 to try and promote or fill a job. The goal for the new Career Center is to maintain free job postings for districts that pay membership dues for their principals and assistant principals. This keeps the Career Center the best place to post and find principal and assistant principal jobs in Washington state — all for free — with the option of doing even more if you’d like. If you don’t see an option for the free job posting, please email us, and we can help you.

Wrapping Up

These things are all true:

  • Our Job Jar has been the most visited, best place to find principal and assistant principals jobs in Washington state for decades. It was outdated and unreliable.
  • Districts who pay membership dues will still be able to post for free, but now there are even more options and features for districts that choose to take advantage of them.
  • We value principal tenure and try to keep principals in their schools for longer. Constant turnover hurts students.
  • However, nothing is more important than the right person in the right job.

Our hope with the Career Center isn’t to provide an easier opportunity to jump ship, but to find the right boat to captain for years to come. Whether you’re newly out of your principal prep program and looking for your first role, an assistant principal looking to move into the principalship, or if you’re just in need of a better fit, we hope the Career Center serves its purpose as a matchmaker.

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