Legislative Update | "10" Things to Know for the 2022-2023 School Year

Roz Thompson, Governmental Relations & Advocacy Director, AWSP
May 03, 2022

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10ish Things You'll Want to Know

Curious what changes are coming via legislation for the next school year? Here's my summary of the bills that may impact you the most next school year, which started at 10 but ballooned a little more (like your workloads).

For the full text of the actual legislation, the link for the bolded bill number will take you to the actual legislation. The linked text will take you to the bill report, which summarizes the bill in a much easier to read and understand format.

Hopefully, you know WHO in your district is responsible for these programs (it might be you?) and HOW you can help influence them. Please send questions if you have them. Thank you!


Professional Learning & Growth

Student Safety & Support

Student Learning

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  • Budget
  • Funding
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  • Sine Die
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