Just Make Time To Be

Chase Buffington, Director, Cispus Learning Center
May 13, 2022

Cispus Outdoor Learning Center

As a parent or teacher, filling time with activities can be daunting. We could even say we overdo it, which I understand. I have two boys, and I want them to get a taste of life in every aspect, from programs to sports and different cultures. Mostly, the food culture, but everyone has their calling. Sometimes though, we have to take a step back, which means no plan could be the exact plan you are looking for—a perfect place to start and let things unfold. One way to unwind is to get outside and learn. Time in nature is one of the seven surprising benefits of outdoor learning

I love watching my family take off into a world of exploration when it comes to nature. I like this option for investigation because it triggers the imagination. Questions tend to roll in from children, and the findings are countless for students. Beyond a bit of time in nature, you can also realize you are helping to find healing practices. We can all benefit from some of which we don’t realize until we live it.  

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