WANTED: Amazing Mentors for New School Leaders

Gina Yonts, Associate Director, AWSP
Jul 21, 2022

Principal Mentoring


AWSP is recruiting principals with 5+ years of school leadership experience to participate in the AWSP Mentor Program. If you’d like to give back, apply to serve as a mentor as part of our mentoring cadre.

Our program is on an as-needed basis in each region, so participation in training doesn’t necessarily guarantee a pairing. However, the program is free professional development (that is really good!) and provides additional exposure to the AWSP Leadership Framework, The School Leader Paradigm, and our newly minted AWSP Equity Guide. Additionally, your mentor training includes five 90-minute Implementation sessions spaced throughout the school year where you will help support new leaders across the state in their leadership journey! 

Interested? Reach out to Gina Yonts or Dameon Brown for more information about how to become a mentor or how to secure mentoring for a new/newly assigned school leader.

Know a New Principal or AP? If you know a new principal or AP (inside or outside of your system) within their first three years of a leadership assignment, they may qualify for mentoring. Please direct them to the application to receive mentoring support through our OSPI Grant (a free program for mentees). All mentees must have supervisor permission to apply in order to help with the communication around the iGrants package that pays for the mentoring services. New leaders will need to check in with their supervisors ahead of application.

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