Cispus Goes Beyond Summer Support: Let Us Come to You!

Billy Hager-DeMyer, Cispus Challenge Course Manager
Sep 08, 2022


Cispus Challenge Course


Are you looking for ways to help build connections among your students all while supporting your SEL curriculum? Well, the Cispus Learning Center Challenge Course can support you in this endeavor. 

Every year we have dozens of schools come to our site for start of the year programming for their students, but rarely do we get to see those students again to build upon the lessons learned when they were with us. Studies show that engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they are better able to connect those lessons learned to classroom and real-world situations. However, this is most effective when put into practice more than just once. Now, we understand the trouble it can be to be able to coordinate travel to come to Cispus,  so let us come to you! Not only do we build custom challenge course programs for your onsite, but we are able to bring this show on the road! 

The Cispus Learning Center Challenge Course has 50+ portable initiatives that we can bring to you and set up nearly in any space. Our Traveling Ropes program has been used by schools in their orientation programs, to accompany end-of-year camps, as a tool to bring staff and students together, and as a way to celebrate the end of a term! This program is an excellent way to help build comradery among students, as well as create a sense of belonging among those attending. It allows students to learn one another’s strengths and weaknesses, build upon their self-esteem and self-efficacy (something we have seen decline since the pandemic), and learn how to communicate outside of technology. 

We know how hard it can be to build SEL curriculum into the everyday class lesson, so let us help lessen the load! We are here to help build a better year for you and your students. To get started, reach out to Cispus Challenge Course Manager Billy Hager-DeMyer.

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