Meet Next Level Leaders: Washington State's Premiere Leadership Development Academy

Jack Arend, Deputy Director, AWSP
Feb 14, 2023

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AWSP and WASA are thrilled to announce the launch of Next Level Leaders, Washington State's Premiere Leadership Development Academy. How did Next Level Leaders come about? In March 2020, educational leaders across Washington entered a new dawn of leadership. In this era, leaders must quickly adapt how schools operate, communicate in a timely and transparent manner, unify stakeholders, build a culture of inclusion and belonging, and nurture the talents of the students and the staff we serve. The landscape of school leadership has shifted. Next Level Leaders is a response to that shift.

Next Level Leaders is dedicated to preparing leaders to conquer complex challenges through the development of a two-year learning community. The Academy is designed to focus on individual and system leadership behaviors and actions essential for success in our rapidly changing educational environment. Find out more on our Next Level Leaders fact sheet.

AWSP and WASA are seeking a Program Coordinator for Next Level Leaders. The role of this position will include coordinating content and program development under the direction of AWSP & WASA and in conjunction with educational consultants and agencies, to ensure participants are developing leadership skills aligned to current research and best practices. Learn more about the position or apply through the job posting in AWSP's new Career Center.

Next Level Leaders is a partnership of AWSP and WASA with Legislative funding.

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