Introducing the AWSP Learning Lab

David Morrill, Communications & Technology Director, AWSP
Mar 30, 2023


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In 2020, we launched our learning management system just in time to shift to a virtual Summer Conference as the pandemic canceled everything. We use a product called Path, and today we are rebranding "Path" to the AWSP Learning Lab. Why? Because while we believe in the power of in-person, and our professional learning team delivers engaging and fun content with adult learning in mind, we need more.

Principals and assistant principals across the state have very different access to professional learning. If you're along the I-5 corridor in the Puget Sound, you have way more options than in rural parts of southeast Washington. Budgets for professional learning, support for being out of the building, family and home life — all those things impact a leader's ability to travel, access resources, and improve. While we offer custom training delivered at your district or school, we can't be everywhere all at once. 

The Learning Lab brings content to you, wherever you are, on your time, and with or without your team. Some courses are designed to be watched with a team, and some are designed just for you as a leader on your own time. You'll find live events and webinars to connect with fellow principals and AWSP, and others to learn from us and/or our partners. In fact, we've got some great events right around the corner, including:

In addition to those three, we have a few more things we're working on as well. Head to to check out the Learning Lab. You can get to it any time, anywhere, and on any device. It's where you can learn to lead and lead to learn. And if you have a topic, guest, or state agency you want us to feature for your access or learning, let us know

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