You Have Five Jobs

Brent Osborn, 2022-23 AWSP President & Principal, Lakeside High School, Nine Mile Falls School District
Apr 12, 2023


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A great mentor of mine told me once that I have five jobs in life, and only five.

  1. To be the best friend that you can be. Not just to those you know and call your friend; it is easy to be a friend to those you know and love daily. How about those you do not know? That car on the side of the road with a flat tire, stop and help. To the acquaintance going through loss, hug them and donate to the meal train. Check-in on the stranger crying on a park bench. Be the best friend that you can be.

  2. Be the best community member you can be. Give of yourself. Give your blood and money like it doesn’t hurt because you can always get more. Most importantly, give your greatest gift, time! The one thing so valuable that you can never get it back. Give it.

  3. Be the best son or daughter you can be. To whomever your parent figures are in your life, care for them. We all have people who have sacrificed to help us get to where we are. None of us did this all by ourselves. If you are a person of faith, this is that path.

  4. Be the best husband, wife, or partner that you can be. If you have chosen to walk this journey with another, take care of them. Listen, support, and cherish the people you have committed to. Honor their journey, and they will lift you in yours.

  5. Be the best father or mother that you can be. You have a great responsibility if you have children or others you care for. Love them unconditionally, teach them, challenge them, grow them, and keep them safe. This is my favorite job.

My mentor would say if you do these five jobs, what kind of teacher will you be? If you do these five jobs, what kind of school leader will you be?

At times we will fail in some of these jobs. In life, we will always have failings. Our recognition of failure allows us to grow and be even better in those jobs. Lean into these jobs, and you will be delighted with the school leader you will become.

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