How Would You Improve TPEP? Share Your Thoughts With Us!

Jack Arend, Deputy Director, AWSP
Nov 13, 2023

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So, how would you improve TPEP?

AWSP and WASA are excited to share the latest opportunity for our two associations to partner in support of Washington’s education leaders and the students we serve. We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions about TPEP!

AWSP and WASA are privileged to hold seats on the OSPI TPEP Steering Committee. To ensure we accurately articulate the desires of our members relating to evaluating teachers, principals, and assistant principals, both associations are launching the Thought Exchange prompt to gather ideas and suggestions from you:

What modifications could be made to TPEP in an effort to have a meaningful, yet manageable evaluation system?

This Thought Exchange prompt will be available through Thursday, November 30, 2023. After we close the response window, we’ll share a summary of the results from each association’s membership with the TPEP Steering Committee. 

We are optimistic this feedback, along with information shared from WEA and ESDs, will seed conversations that, in time, will lead to a TPEP system that is both manageable and meaningful for all.

Check out the link here to get started on this Thought Exchange. You will find this platform very easy to use.  We encourage you to submit as many ‘thoughts’ as you want. Please enter each TPEP thought/suggestion separately. The cool thing about Thought Exchange is that you rate all the thoughts others submit. You can return to this Thought Exchange as many times as you would like to continue to rate other submissions. Sharing your thoughts will take about 5 minutes of your time, and we want to thank you in advance for sharing your voice AND your thoughts on how TPEP can be modified to make it a powerful evaluation tool for you, and your teachers.

If you have any questions about Thought Exchange, or TPEP in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at AWSP!  AWSP and WASA realize that everyone must be evaluated, and we hope the process is centered around professional growth and collaboration. We believe a growth-focused evaluation system plays a critical role in advancing our collective commitment to equity and excellence in student learning.

Share Your Thoughts

If you need technical help, please call ThoughtExchange at 1-800-361-9027 ext. 4 or email

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