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  • Just One Moment

    Patrick Vincent, Principal, Union Gap School, Union Gap School District
    May 01, 2023
    Mr. Regalado died 9 years ago. Thousands of students, like me, who spent time in the darkroom at his side with our negatives and prints, asking about exposure, composition, and what made a good photograph good, mourned when we heard the news. He was one of those teachers that zealously approached his subject, mastered the command of his ship (à la his classroom), and built a community of learners at the tables in his room. From his class, I remember learning about Henri Cartier-Bresson, AKA "The Father of the Decisive Moment."
  • School Celebration Newsletter | May 2023 Edition

    Cindy Sholtys-Cromwell, Principal, Loowit High School and Kelso Virtual Academy (K-12), Kelso School District
    May 01, 2023
    Welcome to the beautiful month of May. I would say that May is a magical time for the students and staff we serve. It is the final push of knowledge and skills for our students to ensure they are ready to move on to the next grade, level of content, or post-high school graduation. Our staff is digging deep this month and truly giving their students everything they have left. They (like us) are exhausted but we are all determined to dig a bit deeper to finish strong. The month of May is full of celebration opportunities for you to utilize to celebrate with your staff. Some are ridiculously simple and others will require a bit of prep work. I have no doubt that this month's School Celebration Newsletter has something for everyone. Let me know if I can support you or ever be a listening voice. You can find me on Twitter @sholtys or drop me an email at anytime. I believe in you!!
  • Mentoring Sessions: That's a Wrap

    Gina Yonts, Associate Director, AWSP
    Apr 30, 2023
    The AWSP Mentor Implementation Sessions have wrapped up, and a big thank you to all of you who participated in mentoring, training, and walking with new school leaders this year. We were able to mix things up a bit and keep many school leaders in their buildings by hosting our virtual implementation sessions to complete training requirements. We also learned much about facilitating a large statewide network, and with the help of post-session feedback, we adjusted presentation content and learning as the sessions unfolded. This was a big lift! Thank you to my AWSP colleagues, David Morrill and Dameon Brown, for their support on the technology side and problem-solving and learning between sessions to meet the learner's needs.
  • Legislative Update | 2023 Sine Die Edition

    Roz Thompson, Governmental Relations & Advocacy Director, AWSP
    Apr 26, 2023
    The House and Senate pounded their gavels one last time on Sunday, April 23, as they declared “Sine Die” for the 2023 Legislative session. This Latin term means “without a day,” and it is used to describe an adjournment when the date to reconvene is not specified and when the Legislature intends to leave town for the last time. However, there is a bit of a caveat to that statement since the Legislature may come back for a special session to address the Blake Decision. More on that later.
  • Make an Equity Impact with the Anti-Racist Daily Newsletter

    Gina Yonts, Associate Director, AWSP
    Apr 21, 2023
    Speaking of EQUITY… have you ever heard of the ARD Newlsetter? Talk about powerful and impactful daily learning on all things related to the topic of Anti-Racism. As our team has been working to find resources for the AWSP Equity Guide, The Heart Work Of School Leadership, I stumbled across this organization and its newsletter. They have podcasts to listen to as well as professional learning opportunities. I have added this daily read to my morning workflow and have pushed myself to continue reading and learning about how racism creeps into almost everything. From bank bailouts to exploitation of farmworkers and how inequality fuels a global water crisis to questioning your understanding of “authentic” food…I’m getting curious and thoughtful and paying a bit more attention to so many different inequalities as they are exposed and, at times, right under my very nose!
  • Retirement & Health Benefits for April 21, 2023

    Fred Yancey, The Nexus Group LLC
    Apr 21, 2023
    Sine Die approaches and a sense of glee and panic pervades the air as multiple bills either pass or fail to advance. Concurrence, recession, and just plain obstruction are on display. Multiple bills, close to 400, will be sent to the Governor who is even now in the process of signing them. To date, there have been no vetoes. Below is a summary of what is known. A year-end, post-Session report will be more definitive.
  • Special Education and 504 Tips & Resources | April 21, 2023

    Dr. James Whitehead | Director of Special Programs & Services, Integrated Student Support | Capital Region ESD 113
    Apr 21, 2023
    These resources are sent out weekly to leaders in special education and Section 504. Each post contains tips and resources on a variety of topics that are meant to keep you informed and up-to-date.
  • Retirement & Health Benefits for April 14, 2023

    Fred Yancey, The Nexus Group LLC
    Apr 14, 2023
    As Sine Die approaches, the legislature will go ‘dark’. Negotiations between both chambers, caucus members, the Governor’s office, and legislature leadership will be taking place outside of the public eye. Budgets need to be adopted, and altered bills need to be reconciled/concurred by the opposite body. The balls/bills will continue bouncing back and forth until finally caught by the Governor. Bill signings are occurring.
  • Legislative Update | April 10-14, 2023

    Roz Thompson, Governmental Relations & Advocacy Director, AWSP
    Apr 14, 2023
    Just ten more days of this year’s legislative session remain. All policy bills had to pass off the floor of the opposite house by April 12. Once again, there were some very late nights and some bills that didn’t make it past this deadline. Over the next few days of the session, legislators will pass bills necessary to implement the budget, continue work to concur on different versions of bills that have passed, and come to an agreement over a final budget. And all of this should end by Sunday, April 23.
  • You Have Five Jobs

    Brent Osborn, 2022-23 AWSP President & Principal, Lakeside High School, Nine Mile Falls School District
    Apr 12, 2023
    A great mentor of mine told me once that I have five jobs in life, and only five. My mentor would say if you do these five jobs, what kind of teacher will you be? If you do these five jobs, what kind of school leader will you be?

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