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  • I'm Not "Fine"

    Dr. Scott Seaman, Executive Director, AWSP
    Feb 04, 2021
    2020 was rough. Pretty sure I’m pointing out the obvious, but it feels good to acknowledge out loud and quite publicly that it was a tough year. What makes a year like 2020 even harder is when we find ourselves in leadership positions. As leaders, we are called to be strong, resilient, stoic, positive, and hopeful through all the peaks and valleys of leadership. During my time as a principal, I quickly learned that my physical, emotional, and spiritual health took a backseat to everyone else. I spent most of my days (and nights) monitoring, nurturing, and encouraging all those within my purview. I had no idea about the amount of mental health counseling I would be doing as a principal on a daily basis. Despite a super long learning curve about human behavior, I did quickly become an expert at internalizing all of my emotions, struggles, stresses, and anxiety in order to attempt to be a smiling, joyful, and positive face for everyone else. Well, guess what? That’s not healthy and is not realistic.
  • 5 Moore Minutes: The Importance of Presuming Competence

    Feb 02, 2021
    The first of five in the “P” series, this video targets one of the biggest barriers to inclusive education - mindset. This video will encourage you to reflect on your own assumptions about disability and start to take action to disrupt the ableist structures in education by taking a very important first step... presuming competence in all students.
  • Adventure Backpack Drop-Offs

    Chase Buffington, Cispus Learning Center Director, AWSP/WSPEF
    Feb 01, 2021
    Teachers and principals were happy to hear from Cispus, AWSL, and AWSP the last couple weeks. Our team delivered adventure backpacks to the teachers and principals pictured above: Dan Garry, teacher at Washington Elementary; Kira Duncan, teacher, and Shannon Richards, principal, at Oakville Elementary; and Amy Dunnagan, principal at Mossyrock Elementary. Other recipients include Wade Iseminger, teacher in Ocosta SD, and Todd Graves, principal in Ridgefield SD.
  • AWSP News for January 29, 2021

    David Morrill
    Jan 29, 2021
    In this episode of AWSP News, we discuss some terrific professional development from world class inclusionary practices experts, tons of great free classes and resources for you to check out our Learning Management System, AWSL’s “I Am, We Are” Martin Luther King Day assembly, our Advocacy efforts and our Legislative Update newsletter, the 2021-22 Intern Grant Application, and a new collaborative workshop, “Turn Up The Volume On Student Voice.”
  • Legislative Update for January 29, 2021

    Roz Thompson, Advocacy and Governmental Relations Director, AWSP
    Jan 29, 2021
    Week three of the legislative session ended today. We saw some of the first floor action this week with several critical bills passing the House and Senate floors. Both houses promised these “early action” bills. One of them is HB 1121, which is the graduation waiver bill. The other is SB 5044 which would add equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism to existing cultural competency standards and training for school board directors, district staff, and school staff on one of three state funded professional days.
  • OSPI School Safety Blog for February 2021

    Mike Donlin| OSPI School Safety Center
    Jan 29, 2021
    Remember COVID? It is obviously not over yet. The depth, breadth, and duration of the pandemic is something that we had not experienced before. Now, there are hopeful signs among the dire statistics, and more and more schools will be reopening over the coming days, weeks and months. 2020 was a traumatic, tumultuous year. 2021 began that way, as well. There has been a lot of turmoil across the country. The January 6, 2021 saw a violent breach of the US Capitol in Washington, D.C. The National Terrorism Advisory System has noted increased and ongoing threats of violence across the country.
  • Outside Is In: Buffalo Soldiers

    Chase Buffington | Cispus Learning Center Director
    Jan 29, 2021
    In 1866, The United States Congress enacted six segregated regiments which became four all-black regiment. They managed the western frontier after the Civil War. The four regiments were The 9th and 10th Calvary and the 24th and 25thInfantry. They were named “Buffalo Soldiers."
  • Special Education and 504 Tips & Resources | Jan. 29 Edition

    Abby Bowers | Director of Special Programs | Capital Region ESD 113
    Jan 29, 2021
    Weekly special education and Section 504 resources from Abby Bowers, Capital Region ESD 113's Director of Special Programs.
  • Retirement & Health Benefits for January 29, 2021

    Fred Yancey | The Nexus Group
    Jan 29, 2021
    Hearings are being held every day and the challenge is to communicate one’s position within the one minute typically given to testify. Because of the limited time given for public testimony, constant phone and email correspondence with legislators remains critical this session.
  • School Celebration Newsletter | February Edition

    Cindy Cromwell, Alternative Learning Education Administrator for the Kelso School District
    Jan 29, 2021
    I love February!! There are so many great things about this month that makes it special. February is the month of love, a new term, my daughter's birthday and It is finally starting to stay light a bit longer on my drive home. (YAHOO to all of them). February is a time for magical learning in the classroom when our students begin to hit their stride and "get it". All of our hard work is paying off and we are seeing the fruits of our labor. Each and every day educators are making a difference in the lives of students and staff. Your never ending belief in those you serve is a true game changer. You are an inspiration and your community is better off because you are taking care of the future. I hope you find this newsletter full of easy to use ideas to bring joy, laughter and support to your team. February celebrations seem to all revolve around food so you may want to purchase some Pepto-Bismol and monitor your daily steps. As always feel free to reach out to me if I can support your work. We are in this together no matter the distance between our zip codes.

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