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Spring/Summer 2018

Saying Goodbye to a legend! This issue features a tribute to AWSP's retiring Gary Kipp. Also in this issue: Whats Your Networked Improvement Community, Building Staff Resilience, Learning from Listening.

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From the Editor's Desk

 David Morrill, Communications Director

I’ve never been a school principal, but my time around them offers pretty good insight into the craziness they manage. We’ve got some exceptional former principals on staff, so they help us walk in your shoes (as Kelley Boyd notes in her final column as AWSP President). We know this time of year is best described as “controlled chaos” for you -- and we can totally relate!

From the President

Kelley Boyd, 2017-18 AWSP President

I am a concert goer– everyone who knows me personally knows listening to live music is one of my favorite activities, even if I’m not all that familiar with the band. Last summer, I was lucky enough to be able to go to the Gorge and attend an amazing Kings of Leon concert! I downloaded some of their lesser known (to me) songs and became more familiar with the group days before the concert. “Comeback Story” soon became a favorite of mine . I really enjoyed this song and some of the lyrics I found to be ironically funny, “I walk a mile in your shoes, and now I’m a mile away, and I’ve got your shoes. “

From the Exec Director

Gary Kipp, Executive Director

This is my farewell column for Washington Principal magazine, as I will be embracing retirement at the end of August. Transition causes one to step back and reflect on the history of the profession we dedicate our lives to.

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