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Winter/Spring 2017-18

This issue features Embracing Empathy. Also in this issue: Rediscovering Powerful Instruction, A Day of Serious Fun and Creating Powerful Admin Teams.

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From the Editor's Desk

 David Morrill, Communications Director

As we go to press with this edition of Washington Principal, a national day of protest against gun violence dominates the headlines. The student survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High attack were the force behind the “March for Our Lives” event on March 24. AWSP and AWSL have advocated for decades to increase the power of student voice and focus on developing the leadership skills students need to address real-world challenges, just like the leadership the students behind the “March for Our Lives” campaign displayed. 

From the President

Kelley Boyd, 2017-18 AWSP President
Changing with the times… In education, we hear the “changing with the times” phrase a lot, along with several variations of the same sentiment. The world and the world of education have and will continue to change. I don’t believe anyone young or old could deny these “changing times” have been heavily influenced by technology...

From the Exec Director

Gary Kipp, Executive Director
Do you remember the unbridled exhilaration of swinging on a swing when you were a child? As you started back down, with the ground in front of you, you would pull back and stretch your legs as far as you could, and each time you got a little bit higher...

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