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We have to know you to serve you. We keep our finger on the pulse of the principalship with the help of our boards, grade level committees, and advisory councils which represent our state’s broad geographic and cultural diversity. While our boards and grade level committees focus on broad issues across our whole association, advisory councils provide more focused feedback and planning for our different work areas. We think of our advisory councils as great focus groups and our critical friends.

Advisory Councils


The Advocacy Advisory Council serves as both liaison and resource to the AWSP Board on legislative matters. Members communicate with principals around the state on issues of concern, monitor legislative action and assist with testimony as appropriate. Advisory council members also identify and prioritize the association’s yearly Legislative Platform for approval by the AWSP Board. Every year, the Advocacy Advisory Council visits state capitol to connect with legislators.

Professional Learning

The practicing principals and assistant principals on the Professional Learning & Member Services Advisory Council design AWSP’s unique variety of professional growth opportunities for building administrators and their teams. Their work is centered around developing timely, relevant, and authentic job-embedded professional learning. They work to maintain AWSP’s status as the preferred provider of professional learning opportunities for members. 

Member Services

AWSP's Member Services Advisory Council works to better support principals. They examine our leadership framework, guide our coaching and mentoring, and encourage our members to fulfill their professional responsibilities. Despite our best efforts, sometimes members have conflicts in their employment. This advisory council reviews legal challenges faced by AWSP members and to provide honest and responsible advice from their colleagues.

Diversity & Equity

The practicing principals and assistant principals on the Diversity & Equity Advisory Council guide the alignment of activities, foster communication, and contribute tools and resources that advance AWSP’s goals in service of diversity and equity. The Diversity & Equity Advisory Council includes practicing principals and assistant principals from each grade level drawn across each of the state’s nine Educational Service Districts.

Student Leadership

AWSP has a Student Leadership & Programs Advisory Council. Our council features an elementary, middle, and high school building leader from each ESD, with a few at-large members. This council oversees development opportunities for students and educators in leadership within the building and in SEL. They also provide a continuing programs of training, workshops and conferences. 

Learning Centers

The Learning Center Advisory Council (LCAC) define common goals, identify community needs and resources and advise on operations and marketing activities for the Cispus Learning Center. AWSP is the only principals association in the country to own a learning center focused on outdoor education.


The Communications Advisory Council (CAC) shapes how AWSP communicates with its members, the media, and stakeholders. AWSP believes every student deserves an informed, connected, and engaged principals, and our advisory council is here to help. The CAC helps decide how we take information in, and how we push information out. 

Assistant Principals

Our AP Advisory Council (APAC) helps guide our support of APs and their unique roles all across the state. How do we help elementary APs thrive when many elementary principals haven't ever had an AP or been an AP? How do we create powerful adminstrative teams, or support the AP position as a worthy role and not a stepping stone? These are a few of the issues the APAC is taking on. 

Get Involved

Help shape the future of AWSP by joining one of our grade level committees or advisory councils. You can find the contact information for each advisory council on its own page, or call the AWSP office at 800.562.6100.


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