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AWSP has a Student Leadership & Programs Committees: Our committee features an elementary, middle and high school building leader from each ESD, with a few at-large members.  This committee oversees training opportunities for students and educators in leadership techniques and development. They also provide a continuing program of student workshops and conferences. Providing opportunities that support and increase the academic and social success of each and every student is one of the seven goals in the AWSP Strategic Plan.

AWSP Student Leadership and Programs Committee

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The Student Leadership & Programs  Committee consists of a high school, middle-level, and elementary  principal or assistant principal from each ESD region; a chairperson and up to three at-large representatives, assigned as appropriate. Members serve a three-year term. A budget subcommittee meets annually.

The Committee works to:

  • Provide training for students and educators to develop as leaders.
  • Provide a continuing program of student conferences and workshops at state, regional, and local levels.
  • Coordinate and guide programs and activities developed by the Association of Washington Student Leaders.
  • Coordinate participation with the AWSP Learning Center Advisory Council.
  • Offer opportunities for responsible student involvement in, and advise to, educational and professional stakeholders.


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To join our Student Leadership Committee, contact Greg Barker and James Layman. To learn more about the Association of Washington Student Leaders, check out their website.


For More Information 

Greg Barker | Student Leadership Director | (360) 497-7131