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Annalee Braley Membership Award


Annalee Award

photo of Annalee Braley

Annalee Braley (1969-2021)

About the Award

Created in 2022, the Annalee Braley Membership Award is given to a current or former member who shares the same unwavering and long-term dedication to AWSP, the same commitment to making our organization the strongest in the country, the same passion for supporting our members, the same dedication to advocating for principals, and the same willingness to support AWSP any time and any where.

About Annalee

Annalee started working for AWSP in 1989 at 19 years old. She worked for AWSP for 32 years before passing away suddenly in 2021. This award commemorates her contributions to AWSP and the impact she made to countless members across the state.

headshot of Carlos Gonzalez against a blue background

Carlos Gonzalez

2023 Winner

Carlos Gonzalez, Principal, McFarland Middle School, Othello School District

Carlos Gonzalez is the second winner of the Annalee Braley AWSP Membership Award. He  embodies everything that AWSP represents. His passion for being the best leader he can be and serving kids shines through in everything he does. He's humble, he's kind, he puts what is best for others before his own needs, and he has truly dedicated himself to the kids in his school.


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