Inside AWSP

Strategic Plan

From aspiring to retiring, and everything in between, AWSP supports school leaders. 

Our Mission

Supporting all principals and the principalship in the education of each and every student.

Our Collective Why

School leadership matters. We exist to ensure schools have a culture of hope, systems to support that culture, and collaborative learning and leadership among students and adults.



Partner with other organizations to identify, recruit, and develop future school leaders with a focus on underrepresented groups.


Support and equip all school leaders with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to foster positive school culture, build equitable systems, and lead learning in their respective school contexts and communities.


Support all principals in their capacity to be effective long-term leaders, specifically in highly impacted schools where strong and consistent leadership is needed most.


For More Information 

Scott Seaman | Executive Director | (800) 562-6100

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