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Congratulations, you've made it to the interview! Now's your chance to showcase your skills, knowledge and enthusiasm for the principalship. The resources linked below provide just a few ways to help you prepare for the interview process. As you review these materials, remember that every interview is different and employers tailor their interview process to meet the specific needs of the district.

Sample Interview Questions

Get ready for the common questions you might encounter in an interview. Below you will find links to some sample interview questions for administrators, and some specific diversity, equity and inclusion interview questions.  

Interview Questions

Interview Strands and Questions

Every job candidate wants to know what their interviewers will be looking for. Check out one district's checklist, used for principal candidate interviews.

Sample Interview Process

What can you expect in an interview? Whom might you meet with, and what topics might be addressed? In this comprehensive outline, you'll see how one district conducts its interview process.

Mock Interview

Interviewing takes practice! WSU uses this mock interview template to help administrative interns brush up on their interview skills. Thank you to Washington State University, Vancouver, for sharing this resource.

Interview Tips

2011-12 AWSP President Jim Rudsit shares a few tips on how to make the most of your interview.

Check out some of the interview tips on the AWSP Career Center. You'll find lots of great articles, resources, and more for more than just interviews.


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