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  • Retirement & Health Benefits | 2024 Session Summary

    Apr 03, 2024
    Session has concluded and the Governor has acted. Here is brief summary of pension, health care, and other legislation that will impact school districts, present staff, and future retirees. The work to implement the changes continues.
  • Elementary Leaders, NAESP Needs Your Vote

    Mar 19, 2024
    Last week, I had the honor of representing our state and AWSP members at the NAESP National Advocacy Conference in Washington, D.C. While there, I was able to hear from both candidates running for NAESP Vice-President. Both candidates were able to answer the questions put before them, though Ann-Marie Gleason articulated her thoughts and personalized her stories. Whoever wins the election will be representing our voice through discussions with leaders and legislators across our states and in our country’s capital
  • Assistant Principals: A Direct Line of Hope

    Mar 11, 2024
    Principals carry this burden of school-wide hope, but if they are lucky, they are not alone. While principals set the tone for the entire school, there is another group who are quite often working on hope from a completely different angle—our assistant principals. These unsung heroes are a direct line of hope to some of our most hopeless students. Our assistant principals have the opportunity to reach many of our students who don’t feel loved (at school or at home), who don’t have any sense of belonging in their lives, and far too often lack any vision of life in the future, yet alone where they might get their next meal.
  • Legislative Update | March 4-8, 2024

    Mar 08, 2024
    Yesterday, the Legislature adjourned “Sine Die”. Over the past few days, decisions were solidified about final supplemental budgets and final bill language. Here is my description about this year’s legislative session based on the book Fortunately that I used to read to my own kids.
  • 2 - 1 = ? | Where Do Assistant Principals Fit Into the Equation?

    Mar 07, 2024
    Before working in education, I worked in the private sector as an HR manager for aerospace manufacturing firms in Los Angeles. My time on the other side of the wall (the office versus the shop) gave me plenty of time to evaluate the efficient operations of machines, people, and processes. It was the latter that I find most interesting now.


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