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  • Legislative Update for April 9, 2021

    Apr 09, 2021
    It was a busy week of floor action in both the House and the Senate. There were several late-night sessions and the Legislature will be busy all weekend as lawmakers and staff work to pass any remaining bills out of the opposite house before cutoff on Sunday, April 11, at 5 pm. Any remaining bills or matters that are “necessary to implement budgets, differences between the houses, and matters incident to the interim and closing of the session” will continue to be addressed up until the final day (sine die) of this year’s session which is expected to be Sunday, April 25.
  • Retirement & Health Benefits for April 9, 2021

    Apr 08, 2021
    Policy bills are being heard in their opposite houses and budget negotiations are going on behind closed doors. Bills that have been modified by the opposite house are sent back for action/reaction from the house of origin. After 5 PM on Sunday, the discussion is limited to specific topics: budget and revenue-related matters, matters of differences on bills between the two houses, and matters related to ongoing discussions. The goal is to close the session after adopting the state budget.
  • Legislative Update for April 2, 2021

    Apr 02, 2021
    This week marked a significant shift to budget discussions. Both houses released and started amending their supplemental budgets for 2021, operating budgets for 2021-23, capital budgets, and transportation budgets. Today is the deadline for fiscal committees to pass bills and read them into the record on the floor from both House and Senate fiscal committees. Ensuring that policy bills with fiscal notes kept moving, in addition to combing through and providing initial feedback on all of these budgets, has made for a very busy week for everyone.
  • Retirement & Health Benefits for April 2, 2021

    Apr 01, 2021
    The good news is that K–12 got all the dollars they needed and more. The bad news is that April Fool’s Day ran long. Most of the policy and fiscal bills are moving to their respective Rules Committees where they may then move to floor action. Lurking in the background are the two proposed budgets with the fiscal leaders of both houses beginning to discuss compromise and agreement. Floor action, opposite house reaction, and debates are occurring to move bills out of the opposite house by their April 11th deadline. Budget negotiations are going on behind closed doors as adjournment will occur on April 25th.
  • Legislative Update for March 26, 2021

    Mar 26, 2021
    It was a busy, busy week in the Legislature with committees having to pass policy bills out by today, Friday, March 26. Several bills were changed significantly by the opposite house, particularly SB 5044 – related to professional learning on topics of equity and cultural competency – and SB 5265, which creates a bridge year program for an additional year of high school. In addition to work on policy bills, both the Senate and the House released their operating, supplemental, capital, and transportation budgets. Next week will be busy as fiscal committees have to meet the deadline of Friday, April 2 to pass bills out of these committees.

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