Political Action Committee

Political Action Committee

Principals in Washington state can take an active role in the political process by joining AWSP’s political action committee or PAC, the Washington School Principals Legislative Effectiveness Association.

AWSP-WSPLEA supports AWSP’s governmental relations efforts at both the state and national levels. It also raises and spends money to support candidates and issues that are important to the principalship and to K–12 education.

AWSP-WSPLEA provides:

  • A strong and respected voice for students and principals in Olympia and Washington, D.C.
  • A positive working relationship with legislators
  • Ongoing analysis and recommendations on budgets and proposed bills
  • “Legislative Update” e-newsletter sent weekly during Session
  • A legislative summary of budgets and bills and their impact on students and principals
  • Realistic stories and testimony for lawmakers from practicing principals
  • An effective working relationship with OSPI, the Governor’s Office and other education-related organizations that represent principal leadership as a critical element toward the goal of student achievement.
  • Contributions spent wisely – 87% of the 69 candidates who received AWSP-WSPLEA PAC contributions in the last election represented education issues during the 2019 Legislative session.  

Your Contributions Are Voluntary – and Needed

AWSP-WSPLEA is entirely funded by member donations. No AWSP dues are used to support AWSP-WSPLEA activities. AWSP has 3,524 Active members, yet only 205 are PAC members. We need your help to stay on top of education issues at the state and federal levels. We all share in the benefits, so let’s all contribute to the organization that works for you. Help us advocate. Join today!

PAC Accomplishments

With your help, AWSP successfully supported the passage of the following actions during the 2019 Washington State Legislative session:

  •  Educator WorkforceE2SHB 1139 improves the recruitment and retention of educators by expanding the current and future educator workforce supply through evidence-based strategies. It establishes a continuum of high-quality professional learning from preparation programs to job-embedded induction, mentoring, collaboration, and other professional development opportunities, including money for principal mentors. This bill also changes comprehensive evaluation for both teachers and principals to once every six years.
  • School Safety | 2SHB 1216 requires OSPI to establish a school safety center and each ESD to establish a regional school safety center, creates the school safety and student well-being advisory committee, requires each school district to adopt a policy and procedure to establish a school-based threat assessment program, and requires OSPI to monitor public schools and school districts, at least once every five years, to ensure they are meeting the following requirements relating to: comprehensive safe school plans; plans for recognition, initial screening, and response to emotional or behavioral distress in students; and school-based threat assessment programs. 
  • Graduation RequirementsE2SHB 1599 removes the direct link between statewide assessments and graduation requirements by discontinuing the CAA after the graduating class of 2019 and the CIA after the graduating class of 2021. It continues the expedited appeal waiver for the classes of 2019 and 2020 and allows principals to waive up to two non-core credits. It requires graduating students in the class of 2020 and beyond to demonstrate career and college readiness through one of eight graduation pathway options that align with students' high school and beyond plans (HSBPs). Beginning in the 2020-21 school year, OSPI must ensure that electronic HSBP platforms are available. By the 2021-22 school year, districts must adopt an academic acceleration policy for high school students. Finally, this bill directs the SBE to convene and staff a mastery-based learning work group.
  • Tobacco 21EHB 1074 raises the legal age to 21 years for the lawful sale or distribution of tobacco and vapor products.
  • Children’s Mental Health2SSB 5903 requires behavioral health coordination by the ESDs, training in topics related to behavioral health for school district staff, and the provision of a mental health literacy and healthy relationship curriculum by OSPI. It establishes certificate programs for behavioral health at UW and expands child and adolescent psychiatry residencies at the UW and WSU. This bill also requires the development of statewide plans to implement coordinated specialty care and a multi-tiered system of school supports. 


AWSP-WSPLEA is governed by an eight-member board of directors comprised of AWSP members from around the state. The board reviews and provides input on the association’s yearly legislative platform based on this core set of beliefs:

  • A strong commitment to public education
  • The importance of the principal as the building leader
  • A continuation of education reform focused on student learning
  • Adequate and stable funding to implement education goals

How Do I Join the PAC?

Contribute using the following methods:

  • Monthly automatic payroll deduction through your school district | ($10 per month minimum)
  • Monthly automatic withdrawal from your bank account | ($10 per month minimum)
  • Annual payment via check or credit card | ($75 per year minimum, Jan. 1-Dec. 31)

If choosing payroll deduction, members will need to renew their contributions when they change districts.

If choosing automatic withdrawal, please also fill out the automatic withdrawal agreement form, included with the membership form.

Join the PAC!

Three easy steps to membership:

  1. Save the form to your hard drive
  2. Complete the form and save again
  3. Email it as an attachment including payment information (if you chose payroll deduction, WSPLEA will mail the form to your payroll office).

Download the Form

Send forms to:
Cris Sippel

2019-20 PAC Board Members

Roz Thompson
Miles Erdly
Kent School District
Paul Marquardt
Bethel School District
Kala Lougheed
Kalama School District
Lauire Clark
Tukwila School District

Roz Thompson headshot

For More Information 

Roz Thompson | Government Relations & Advocacy Director | (800) 562-6100

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