Having a mentor has had a significant impact on my day-to-day decisions as a new principal. I am incredibly thankful for AWSP’s support. I am finding more rewards in serving as a principal than I ever did as a classroom teacher.

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Kelli DeMonte
Principal, Voyager Elementary, Peninsula School District

100% of principals in the state are evaluated on the AWSP Leadership Framework. It's the only state-approved leadership framework.

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Sue Anderson
Retired Director, Office of Educator Effectiveness, OSPI

Rule books tell people what to do. Frameworks guide people how to act. Rule books insist on discipline. Frameworks allow for creativity.

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Simon Sinek
Notes to Inspire

Member Support

Principals have one of the most important, rewarding, and demanding jobs on the planet. You need all the support you can get, so we're here for you. At AWSP, our goal is to be the first place you turn to or the first place you call when you need help principaling (yes, that's a word...because we said so). Whether you're looking for ideas to improve or need someone to consult with, we've got you covered.

AWSP Leadership Framework

The AWSP Leadership Framework was designed to promote the growth of the principal in areas that are most likely to result in increased student achievement. It directly aligns with Washington state evaluation criteria, rules and regulations.

Framework User's Guide

Evaluations are tough. Not only do principals and assistant principals need to evaluate their staff, but principals have to evaluate their assistant principals and prepare for their own evaluation. In 2014, we created the User's Guide to help. 

With the AWSP Leadership Framework 3.0, we've embedded all the tools and resources right into the framework document itself. Not only that, but we have even more resources online.


Framework Structure

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The centerpiece of AWSP's Leadership Framework is eight chapters, each devoted to one of Washington's eight principal evaluation criteria.

Resource Library

Resource Library

View hundreds of books, surveys, case studies, tools, and best practices in the Resource Library.

Aligned to Evaluation Criteria


Developed in coordination with the state evaluation criteria, our framework is directly aligned. No crosswalks or remapping required. 

Supports & Resources

Principal Interns


AWSP supports aspiring principals. We help new administrators develop skills in core areas ranging from time management and crisis planning to curriculum development and communication with key stakeholders.

Sample Letters


Whether you're dealing with vandalism, peanut allergies or a stranger near campus, we have a variety of sample letters to help you communicate. The sample letter library is only accessible by members.

Resources for You


Need guidance on a controversial topic or event? How about some information on certifcation or accreditation? Check out our resources page for an overview of what we have to offer. 

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AWSP Member Handbook

Our member handbook contains key information about AWSP's goals, priorities, organizational structure, as well as tips for principals about self-care, building a network, and having a leadership impact. An abbreviated version of the AWSP Leadership Framework User's Guide is also embedded into the handbook.

Mentoring & Coaching

The principalship is more demanding than ever. Principals are creating the culture, systems, and instructional conditions necessary for all children to achieve at high levels in an economic and social context that is complex, challenging and fraught with inequity for children and families. AWSP offers mentoring for new principals and coaching for principals looking to sharpen and hone their skills. 

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Legal Support

All AWSP member types are eligible for free professional advice from AWSP executive staff on employment-related issues. Our seasoned staff can help you navigate a thorny issue or offer a helpful second opinion. Our services are always confidential and respectful of all parties involved.