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About the Network 

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Pictured: Leaders of Color at the WOW Gallery event in 2022.

In order for us to grow, support, and sustain together as educational leaders, AWSP created the Leaders of Color Network (LOCNET). The LOCNET strives to create a safe and brave space for Black and Brown leaders by providing opportunities for members to learn together, build collegial relationships, network, and provide a sense of belonging.

AWSP strives to:

  • Support leaders of color
  • Increase allyship understanding of how to support, grow, and sustain leaders of color in leadership growth
  • Increase the voice and presence of leaders of color in the organization
  • Support and recruit aspiring leaders of color
  • Increase representation of leaders of color

    • GLLCs (Grade Level Leadership Committees)
    • AWSP/WSPEF Board
    • Advisory Councils 

2023-24 LOCNET Zoom Sessions (5-6:30 p.m. each date)

Free, monthly LOCNET Zoom meetings are scheduled for the upcoming school year, and leaders of color are invited to attend. Clock hours are available for each free, 1.5 hour session (5-6:30 p.m. each day):

  • 8/10 - Building Stronger Together Part 1- COMPLETED 
  • 9/7 - Culture/Student Voice- COMPLETED 
  • 10/19 - Doctoral Panel-COMPLETED
  • 1/11 - HR (Investigations)COMPLETED
  • 2/8 - Guest Speaker: Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard | Title: From Silencing to Authenticity Part 1 (COMPLETED)
  • 3/7 - Wellness: Sustainability As We Lead
  • 4/11 - Guest Speaker: Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard | Title: From Silencing to Authenticity Part 2
  • 5/9 - Building Stronger Together Part 2
  • 6/6 - Finishing Strong

"Dear Sista:" For Black Women Leaders

In response to a request from one of our leaders, AWSP created “Dear Sista,” an affinity group space for Black women leaders. The title Dear Sista is a tribute to Veronica Very’s book of poems that speaks to truth, healing, and supporting the sisterhood. The group meets monthly via Zoom. There is no cost to register.

Zoom Meeting Dates (5:30 p.m. each date)

  • 8/24/23 COMPLETED
  • 9/28/23 COMPLETED
  • 10/26/23 COMPLETED
  • 11/15/23 COMPLETED
  • 12/14/23 COMPLETED
  • 1/25/24 COMPLETED
  • 2/22/24
  • 3/28/24
  • 4/25/24
  • 5/23/24
  • 6/20/24


For More Information 

Kamrica Ary-Turner | Associate Director, ESDs 189 & 121 | (800) 562-6100

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