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AWSP Leadership Framework

The AWSP Leadership Framework is designed to promote the growth of the school leader in areas most likely to result in increased student achievement. It directly aligns with Washington state evaluation criteria, rules, and regulations. 

AWSP Leadership Framework

Leadership Framework 3.0_2020_EDITED

Supporting School Leaders Since 2010

The AWSP Leadership Framework is designed as a resource for the ongoing growth and evaluation of school leaders. This Leadership Framework has been carefully crafted to be used by YOU (a principal or assistant principal) as you look to quantify and qualify the impact of your leadership.

How To Get a Copy

If you don't have your copy of the Leadership Framework, you can download the PDF, or download the order form if you wish to purchase a hard copy.

Required Leadership Framework Trainings

Did you know that anyone who supervises a principal or assistant principal is required to attend 12 hours of state-required AWSP Leadership Framework training? For more information, call the AWSP office at 800.562.6100 or check out the TPEP Events calendar on the OSPI website.

Video: Getting to Know Your Framework

This quick video shares AWSP’s recommendations for using this document as well as providing information on a growth-centered approach to the evaluation of school leaders.

Note: This video does NOT take the place of state-required Framework trainings.

Leadership Framework Tools

Evidence of Impact Tool

AWSP's Evidence of Impact Tool is designed to help encourage school leaders in conversations about the impact of leadership. It is not an evaluation form, but helps you work through several thoughts on leadership: What is your Problem of Practice (POP) and Theory of Action (TOA)? What makes you an effective leader? How do you know you had an impact?

The tool and additional details can be found in the AWSP Leadership Framework on pages 56-57.

Tip: You may need to download the form and open it to use it as a fillable PDF file. 

Self-Assessment and Reflection Tool

School leaders are critical to the success of the entire educational system. We know there are many dimensions to being a highly effective leader in such a complex environment. We continually focus on what we need to do as leaders and often forget to slow down and take inventory of how we do that work. 

We designed the AWSP Leadership Framework self-assessment to help you evaluate your leadership practices and identify areas for growth within the framework. By reflecting on your leadership and assessing your systems, you can identify areas of strength and uncover barriers to your growth and impact. Engaging in this reflective process will empower you to grow in your leadership and provide you with a focus for your work. 

Support for Your Leadership Growth

The AWSP Leadership Framework includes one page per criterion to help guide your leadership journey. These pages are similar to the past User’s Guide and provide suggestions to help you plan, implement, assess, and reflect for your professional growth. In an effort to stay current, we created expanded versions of criterions pages, including tools and resources.

If you have new resources to suggest or add that might help other grow their own leadership, reach out to us.

Criterion Resource Pages

Evaluation & Observation Resources

Here are some AWSP-created resources for principals, assistant principals, and those who evaluate them.

OSPI Comprehensive Evaluation Scoring Sheet

Check out the OSPI Comprehensive and Focused Evaluation Scoring Sheets for the AWSP Leadership Framework. 

History of the Framework

With the establishment of state standards in 1992, AWSP recognized that student achievement would become the primary measure of a school's effectiveness. In 2010, AWSP's seven leadership responsibilities became the foundation for a new set of criteria for principal evaluation in Washington state. An eighth criterion, "Closing the Gap," was added by the Legislature that same year. 

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