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AWSP supports principal intern candidates and their mentors with a variety of resources.

General Resources

Internship Activities: Activities and focus areas for interns and their supervising principals.

Advice to Interns: Advice for interns from first-year principals and assistant principals for the internship. Learn what they would have done differently, what they would have done less of, and other pearls of wisdom

Agenda template for meeting with your mentor principal: As you schedule regular meetings with your mentor principal, consider using this meeting agenda template that allows both you and your mentor opportunities to develop the agenda.

Tips for mentors from Jim Howard: Reviews the roles and responsibilities of principal intern mentors (Source: WSU College of Education)

AWSP Aspiring Membership

An AWSP Aspiring Membership offers the same access to conferences, publications and resources that are available to practicing principals, but at a much lower cost.

Sample Letters to Students' Parents

•    Sample #1 | PDF
•    Sample #2 | PDF

Principal & Program Administrator Standards-Based Benchmarks 

Principal and program administrator candidates’ program requirements, including an internship, are aimed at supporting successful demonstration of the following standards as established by the Professional Educator Standards Board of Washington. 

A school or program administrator is an educational leader who has the knowledge, skills, and cultural competence to improve learning and achievement to ensure the success of each student by… 


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