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The AWSP Learning Lab

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Live, On-Demand, and Online

We know principals across the state have very different access to professional learning. If you're along the I-5 corridor in the Puget Sound, you have way more options than in rural parts of southeast Washington. Budgets for professional learning, support for being out of the building...all those things impact a principal's ability to access resources and improve. As much as we'd love to get to every corner of the state, that's not sustainable either. And this was all before a pandemic and every educator and parent knew what synchronous and asynchronous learning meant. 

Our learning management system is designed to bring our content to wherever you are, on your time, and with or without your team. Some courses are designed to be watched with a team, some are designed just for you as a leader on your own time, and you'll find live events and webinars we host (on our own or with partners). 

The AWSP Learning Lab

Canvas, Blackboard...nope, these aren't just objects anymore, they're LMSes. Prior to the pandemic, Learning Management Systems weren't an acronym we all knew. Our AWSP Learning Lab is based on an LMS called Path, and you can always find it at

Accessing the Learning Lab

Use your MyAWSP account to sign in to AWSP Learning Lab. Members should already have an AWSP account. However, the MyAWSP account is not the same as a membership. Anyone can sign up for one for free! 
*You do not need to be a member to have a MyAWSP account.

For More Information 

David Morrill | Communications & Technology Director | (800) 562-6100

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