Professional Learning

Our Expectations & Norms

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Norms. Expectations. Standards. Whatever you call them, we've got them. We believe adult learning happens when participants:


  • ACCESS expertise inside and outside of the group


  • PARTICIPATE in authentic activities with the group


  • PRACTICE using relevant problems of practice


  • ENGAGE with colleagues, formally and informally


  • APPLY new learning to professional contexts


  • REFLECT on leadership and new learnings

Why Are Adults the Worst Learners

We’ve all been there. We’ve all sat in professional learning settings where the audience is completely disengaged, clearing emails and/or surfing the web. In fact, we’ve all developed coping and exit strategies for painful adult learning settings. And, you can’t tell me you haven’t faked an important phone call and walked out of some sort of profession learning setting. 

Our Norms

  • Stay Engaged
  • Speak Your Truth
  • Experience Discomfort
  • Expect and Accept Non-Closure
  • Listen for Understanding
  • No Fixing
  • Take Risks


For More Information 

Scott Seaman | Executive Director | (800) 562-6100

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