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What is the Continuum?

AWSP's Leadership Continuum for principal professional learning guides leaders through their entire career as a school principal. AWSP offers training opportunities divided into four stages of a principal's career - from aspiring to become a principal to launching in their first year, to building up leadership skills and finally mastering the profession.

Below is an illustration of the flow of the continuum, as well as descriptions of each of the four training opportunities offered by AWSP, their intended audience and the length of time of each training.

The Statewide Problem of Practice (POP)

Only one out of four principals are in the same building after five years. This high turnover rate of building principals is costly in dollars, time, relationships, and - most importantly - impact on student learning.

What can we do?

AWSP's Theory of Action

If we can accelerate the effectiveness and longevity of principals in the same building, we can positively influence school culture, systems and learning for all stakeholders. 
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