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Show Up. Lead Up. Level Up.

An All-New Workshop for Assistant Principals

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About the Workshop

Assistant principals will learn how to show up, lead up, and level up in order to move up. By "move up," we don't just mean to get the principal job, but to move up in responsibility, influence, and capability right where you are. 

  • Show up: You’ll learn how to show up as yourself: flaws, strengths, and all in a way that is empowering to you. 
  • Lead up: You’ll discover how to lead those above and below you in a way that recognizes your strengths and their strengths. 
  • Level up: You’ll develop strategies to help yourself learn and understand how you’re the only one in control of your growth. You can’t outsource this to anyone else, and we'll discuss ways to maximize activities that level you up without adding even more work to your already full plate.

Workshop Details

Date: March 1-2, 2023

Location: ESD 113 in Tumwater

Cost: $350

Keynote Speaker: Jethro Jones

Author Jethro Jones

About the Author and Workshop Facilitator

For years, Jethro Jones struggled to turn around his school. In his first 2-3 years as principal, he was constantly under pressure, overwhelmed, and stretched way too thin. After researching dozens of books about leadership, productivity, and goal setting, he developed a method of transformative leadership that propelled him to being recognized as the 2017 Digital Principal of the Year by the NASSP. He then turned his learnings into books, an award winning podcast, and an annual event for leaders just like you. 


Note: Please submit your registration by Wednesday, February 15.


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For More Information 

Dameon Brown | Professional Learning & Mentorship Program Coordinator | (360) 338-3758


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