The Self Care Wheel, A Team Building Activity

Roz Thompson
Apr 30, 2020

Self Care Blog

Here is another great activity called a Self-Care Wheel. Use it individually or with your whole staff. It’s brought to us by our fantastic wellness partners from Kaiser Permanente.

In the self-care wheel, there are six categories: physical, social, mental health & well-being, community, financial, and purpose. 

Read the brief description in each category. 

  • Physical self-care: preventative care, exercise, nutrition, sleep

  • Social self-care: spending time with family and friends, connecting with a friend at work

  • Mental health & well-being self-care: dealing with feelings in a healthy way through journaling, friends, counseling

  • Community self-care: contributing to the community you live in, volunteering, loving where you live

  • Financial self-care: feeling financially secure, setting a budget, saving for retirement

  • Purpose self-care: take time for lunch, set boundaries, leave work at work, take vacation, find value in what you do each day 

Next, color each area RED, YELLOW, or GREEN to indicate where you are succeeding in taking care of yourself and where you could do some work.

Then, if you’d like to do this with a partner or small group, share one thing that you learned or noticed about yourself. Only share what you are comfortable sharing.

Finally, identify one or two areas you would like to work on and create an action plan to improve.

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