School Celebration Newsletter | August 2022 Edition

Cindy Sholtys-Cromwell, Principal, Loowit High School and Kelso Virtual Academy (K-12), Kelso School District
Aug 01, 2022


I have been honored over the last several months to have met so many principals from throughout my great state of Washington and the country. If you are new to my newsletter thank you for signing up and if you are a regular subscriber thank you for continuing to be a part of my work. Most of us are just beginning our school year this August and it is my hope you will find this School Celebration Edition helpful as you begin to plan. I have included a list of some of my favorite August days along with simple suggestions for celebrating that you can EASILY incorporate into the beginning of the school year. I wish you a successful start to this new year. Be well and as always let me know how I can support your educational journey. Be Well!! Cindy

August Days of Celebration

a cookie, a pile of books, and a beach ball for their respective holidays

August 2 National Ice Cream Sandwich Day | What a great afternoon treat for staff! 

August 2 is also National Coloring Book Day | Find a fun picture to kick off the school year (either positive quotes or pictures) and provide copies of it along with colored pencils or crayons for staff to color and then add them to a staff bulletin board.

August 3 | National Watermelon Day | Have you ever had a watermelon seed spitting competition? Who can spit the seed the farthest? Or use social media and ask your students/staff the best way to eat a watermelon....cubes, triangles, or do you just attack it by cutting it in half and grabbing a spoon? Prefer to add salt or just plain?

August 4 | National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day | Encourage families to make cookies today and share pictures of the end result with you. Combine the pictures into a collage and put it on your school's website. OR pick up some cookies on the way to school to share with staff.

August 5 | National Water Balloon Day | Why not end the school day with a fun water balloon toss competition amongst staff or during recess with students. HINT: Use the Bunch O’Baloons that allow to you rapid fill and seal. They are AWESOME—no more one at a time filling stations. 

August 9 | National Book Lover's Day | Ask staff to share on social media a selfie reading a favorite book in a favorite place. Let's encourage our students to read by modeling!! Or make a collage of the top books checked out of your school library last year.

August 10 | National S'more Day | You can be creative with this one depending upon accessibility. You could make a to go bag for staff to use at their next camp fire.

August 12 | National Middle Child Day | Staff can share childhood pictures of their family as a get to know you activity. Have them identify where they fall in the sibling order—then share the “traditional personality styles” based on sibling order for a fun is this you activity.

August 16 | National Tell A Joke Day | Choose a fun joke and send a video out to your staff or families to join you in celebrating this great day. We all could use a giggle in mid August!

August 19 | National Potato Day | Bring potato chips to work today and provide as an afternoon snack for your staff or have a baked potato luncheon--everyone can bring their own favorite topping to individualize their potato.

August 24 | National Waffle Day | Have you thought about asking staff to join you for breakfast this morning? Everyone pays their own check BUT it will be a great way to kick off the day no matter how many staff show up. Be on the look out for restaurant discounts today.

August 25 | National Banana Split Day | Its a dessert kinda day.

August 26 | National Dog Day | Everyone shares pictures of their favorite four legged canine or celebrate Cherry Popsicle Day with an afternoon cool treat. 

August 30 | National Beach Day | Make it a Hawaiian shirt dress up day and head over to the Dollar Tree and pick up some Hawaiian Leis or coconut cups. You could also purchase the little drink umbrellas and provide staff with infused iced water (cucumber, mint, oranges, or other fun additions). As staff fill up a glass of these healthy cool drink add the little umbrella so they can pretend to be at the beach. Another fun idea would be to bring in some lawn chairs into your staff room to spice things up a bit. 

August 31 | National Trail Mix Day | You could easily go to Costco or the local grocery store and pick up individual trail mix bags to pass out to your staff. Add a note that says "Where ever this trail takes us we are in it together" OR  Celebrate National Eat Outside Day and encourage class picnics.

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