7 Things to Know about Principal Advocacy This Year

Roz Thompson, Government Relations and Advocacy Director, AWSP
Sep 19, 2022


Political Action Committee

Our advocacy team at AWSP works hard during the interim to get ready for the upcoming legislative session that begins in January 2023. This year’s session is a long session that runs from January through April and a new biennial budget for 2023-25 will be passed. 

We are focused on solutions to address the needs of our school leaders through a holistic and multi-faceted approach addressing current policies, legislation, and funding so that we can attract and retain highly effective principals and assistant principals. 

Did You Know?

  • We are developing a legislative platform that speaks to our specific leadership solutions and it will be ready to share in late October.

  • The School Funding Coalition (SFC) is comprised of seven statewide associations representing school leaders. The SFC has set its 2023 Legislative Priorities, and the main goal is to update the prototypical funding model for school principals. 

  • We have an Advocacy Advisory Council that meets occasionally during the interim and regularly during the legislative session.

  • We have Principal Partners for Legislators who commit to regularly connecting with their elected officials about their schools and communities.

  • We have an Advocacy & Action Center that makes it easy to share your thoughts with legislators and other elected officials.

  • We will schedule meetings this fall with legislators and other education partners like OSPI, PESB, and the State Board of Education to discuss policy ideas.

  • We have a Washington School Principals Legislative Effectiveness Association (otherwise known as our “PAC” or Political Action Committee) that makes contributions to elected officials.

For more information, or to join in any of the groups or meetings mentioned above, reach out to Roz Thompson, Government Relations Director at AWSP.


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