School Celebration Newsletter | October 2022 Edition

Cindy Sholtys-Cromwell, Principal, Loowit High School and Kelso Virtual Academy (K-12), Kelso School District
Sep 26, 2022


October, the month of new spices, pumpkins, desserts, tacos & a special birthday

There are so many wonderful things I associate with October. The change of leaves, the final harvest from our garden, my son's birthday, and Friday night lights just to name a few. October is when the school year becomes real for our staff and students. The novelty of the start has worn off and it's fast and furious every day for our team. It is a month where you need to do something to celebrate your staff. This month's newsletter is loaded with a ton of ideas to help you achieve this. Make sure you check out the details of October 4 as it is becoming one of my favorite days of the year--but then again anything to do with tacos makes my heart happy. I also want to challenge YOU to put something on the calendar this month that will bring you joy. Maybe it will be coffee with a friend, a spa treatment, or going out for dessert with your partner. Do something intentional this month to bring joy to your heart. I believe in you! Cindy.

tacos, macarons, and pumpkins

October Days of Celebration

October 1 | "Cooper Cromwell’s 16th Birthday” | Ok, so this is going to be a HUGE weekend in the Cromwell household as my son, my baby boy, is turning 16. It’s a Saturday so if you see this think good thoughts for him and me.

October 3 | “National Techies Day” | This is a great day to make an announcement to celebrate these vital employees that do so much behind the scenes to make schools work. Provide a card or a sign for staff and students to sign to say thank you.

October 4 has 4 AWESOME DAYS to celebrate and I will be celebrating all four.

  • “National Golf Lover’s Day”–Set up a miniature golf course in your staff room. Keep it simple though and use red solo cups as the holes and bring in a few putters. If your students are not in the school set up some opportunities for staff to play in the hallway with scorecards and prizes.
  • The second one is “National Eat Fruit at Work Day." Pick up a platter of fruit to share or encourage staff to bring some fruit to share. Combine the fruit with “National Cinnamon Bun Day” for a great breakfast. Little Debbie’s are perfect for this!!
  • AND drum roll please…… It is also “National Taco Day” on this Tuesday!! Create a taco bar by having staff sign up to bring the fixings for a great lunch or order tacos from your local Taco Bell and provide staff with one or two. Oh my goodness this is a day that you MUST celebrate.

October 5 | “National Do Something Nice Day” | Do you have a Walgreens nearby? They have a generic brand call “NICE” and you can purchase a few staff favorites to put in everyone’s box OR provide each staff with a card to use this week to thank a peer for going out of their way to be “nice.”

October 6 | “National Coaches Day” | Remember to celebrate not only your sports coaches but the academic coaches you have on staff. Provide them with a water bottle and a Hawaiian punch flavor packet with a label. “Hey coach enjoy this tropical get a way. Thank you for taking care of us. Happy Coaches Day.”

October 6 | “National Noodle Day” | Purchase one Cup of Noodle for each staff. Put a label on it that says in “Thank you for working so hard to fill everyone’s cup. Here is a cup to help fill yours. Happy National Noodle Day.”

October 7 | “National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day” | Have a bowl full in the staff room with a sign “I would be all twisted up without you. Happy National Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day.”

October 10 | “National Cake Decorating Day” | Do you have a staff meeting today? How about a group competition or create a cookie decorating station for teachers today.

October 12 | “Farmers Day” | Can you say dress up day? Or how about Old MacDonald’s favorite game– BINGO.

October 13 | “National M & M Day” | A great and easy surprise treat for everyone October 13 is also “Silly Sayings Day” all you need is post-its for this one! Ask staff to write their favorite silly saying on the post it and put them on display or use them in announcements.

October 14 | “National Dessert Day” | Have students post a picture of themselves making their favorite dessert or have a variety of desserts available for staff (individually wrapped) such as little Debbies to thank them for taking care of the students and families they serve OR ask staff to bring a few of their favorite desserts to share.

October 17 | “National Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day” | Encourage staff and students to clean up and organize their electronic devices. All of the files, google, emails ugh. Encourage some time to do this chore that most of us dread and don’t have time to do.

October 18 | “National Chocolate Cupcake Day” | It can’t get any simpler than this one!! Swing by the bakery on your way to school and pick up some chocolate cupcakes.

October 20 | "International Sloth Day” | I love going to the zoo and I find myself mesmerized by these beautiful animals. Share various facts and fun videos about these very unique creatures.

October 21 | “Back to the Future Day” | Start the day off with Huey Lewis and the music “Back in Time”. Ask students and staff the question would you rather live 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future and read answers throughout the day. You can also do a variety of “Back to the Future Trivia” (found online).

October 26 | “National Pumpkin Day” | Have pumpkins available with carving kits purchased for staff to work on or have a grade level/department competition this week. Make sure you put the pumpkins on display and have students vote on their favorite. OR purchase a few miniature pumpkins for each desk to decorate!!

October 31 | “National Carmel Apple Day” | Most stores have these individual pre-made that you can hand out. It is critical you do something to support staff on this very active day for all. This is also one of my FAVORITE days as October 31 is “National Knock-Knock Jokes Day.” I guarantee you I will have some ready to go throughout the day for staff, students, and visitors.

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