Special Education and 504 Tips & Resources | January 6, 2023

Dr. James Whitehead | Director of Special Programs & Services, Integrated Student Support | Capital Region ESD 113
Jan 06, 2023


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The content from this post comes from Dr. Whitehead's weekly email.

These emails are sent out weekly to leaders in special education and Section 504. Each email contains tips and resources on a variety of topics that are meant to keep you informed and up to date. Please consult your district attorney if you are looking for legal advice, as this is out of my realm. The opinions contained herein are my own.

Please feel free to reach out if you have ideas on topics and resources. This week’s emails include links to information on:

The Relationship Between Special Education Placement and High School Outcomes

Special Education & 504 Case Law:
Child Find & LRE

Special Education:
Improving Outcomes for Native American Students With Disabilities While Respecting and Honoring Native Culture

December Updates
OSPI Fall Virtual 504 Training Handout

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