Share Your Elementary Schedule: Science

Kimberley Astle, Associate Director of Elementary Science, OSPI and Shelley Barker, Director of School Engagement, Outdoor Schools WA
Jan 19, 2023

Elementary Science survey blog

We know that trying to fit everything into an elementary school day is a challenge. With limited time in the day, some subjects end up on the back burner, even though the content is vital for students’ future success in school, college, and beyond. 

Kimberley Astle, Associate Director of Elementary Science at OSPI, is currently collecting examples of elementary (K-5) instructional schedules at the classroom, school, and district level that include time allocated for science learning. 

The goal is to understand how teachers, schools, and districts are finding successful ways to organize instructional minutes so that elementary students are provided with the learning time they need for a quality science education.

The information collected will be used to develop a guiding resource illustrating schedule examples and strategies that are working in practice in a variety of contexts.

Please share this survey link to any elementary teachers, coaches, principals, and district leaders who could provide schedule examples.   

We are each other’s best resources! Please share your tried-and-true schedules and watch for additional schedule examples in the near future.

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