A Letter from WASA & AWSP

Joel Aune, Executive Director, WASA and Dr. Scott Seaman, Executive Director, AWSP
May 09, 2023
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Superintendents, Principals, and Assistant Principals:

The Executive Teams from AWSP and WASA met on April 25th for a discussion to begin exploring opportunities for collaboration as related to the health and future sustainability of the principalship here in Washington state. This interest is not only shared by our respective associations, but also by principals and superintendents alike. We know that superintendents view the principal as a key member of the district leadership team, and more importantly an essential element in the creation of superior schools and sustaining that level of excellence over time.

In our visit on April 25, we began thinking together about the challenges of the principalship within the context of State Statute and Agency Rules and Requirements, as well as challenges at the local level. What are the most impactful and difficult challenges for principals, within the aforementioned context? How might WASA and AWSP work together to develop strategies that serve to mitigate some of these challenges?

We are pleased to report this discussion reinforced our shared interest in supporting principals and the principalship. Both associations look forward to a continuation of this discussion and development of strategies that we can refine and pursue in both the short and long-term. We will keep you informed in the weeks and months to come as we continue this important conversation.

Good luck as you lead toward the conclusion of the 2022-23 school year. While these are the busiest of times for superintendents and principals, this is also a time to celebrate the efforts of staff and the incredible accomplishments of the students under your care. Please give yourselves permission to quietly take pride and satisfaction in your leadership and its impact on the staff and students in your school or school district. Your leadership does matter.

We hope to see you in Spokane at Summer Conference in June!


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G. Joel Aune                        Scott Seaman
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