The AWSP Legislative Platform

Legislative Platform 2022

Principal leadership matters.

AWSP and AWSL exist to ensure each and every student has highly effective, visionary, sustainable, and anti-racist school leaders who work to build equitable systems that have historically oppressed people, especially people of color.

Sustainable organizational change takes time.

Education reform policies enacted over the past 15 years created an extremely complex environment for principals with no redefinition of their role. Our goal is to reduce principal turnover, which can harm the culture, systems, and learning for students in our schools.

Supporting and investing in school leaders is the best, most cost-effective way to ensure high-quality, effective schools.

We must support the longevity and effectiveness of school leaders by purposefully including them in decision-making, and by increasing the staffing allocation for principals in order to support their unsustainable workload. Compensation should be increased in order to attract and retain principals, specifically to prevent constant turnover in the schools where steady leadership is needed most, especially small, rural schools.

We urge the 2022 Legislature to address these critical issues:

  • Update the prototypical school funding model ratios in order to meet students’ needs for safety, as well as for their mental, social, emotional, and behavioral health. This means increasing school funding levels for school counselors, school nurses, social workers, school psychologists, family engagement coordinators, safety staff, assistant principals, and principals.
  • Fix the pay gap for assistant principals and principals in administrator salary allocation. Through the work of the K-12 Basic Education Compensation Advisory Committee, examine long-term salary solutions.
  • Prepare and support new administrators by increasing funding for administrative internship and mentorship programs.
  • Foster more collaborative relationships between school districts and colleges and universities in Washington to create more fair and equitable dual credit options for both school districts and the high school students they serve.
  • Fully fund residential Outdoor School experiences for all students in their 5th or 6th grade year. Support efforts to create outdoor learning opportunities for children from Pre-K through high school.

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