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Supporting Inclusionary Practices

AWSP is proud to be one of many organizations involved with the IPPDP cadre as an external partner navigating the implementation of better inclusionary practices for Washington state educators; our focus being, of course, YOU, the building lead learners. Since November 2019, AWSP has embarked on a “fact-finding” crusade to measure the understanding of what inclusion and inclusionary practices are from our members’ perspective and evaluate what the immediate needs are in order to embed targeted inclusionary practices within all of our professional learning opportunities. 

Want to know more about the grant, why inclusion, what exactly is inclusion, and why now? Learn more about our journey.

Professional Learning From Internationally Renowned Inclusion Experts

We were able to bring you many incredible speakers and educators for free through our Inclusionary Practices grant through OSPI. Increase your inclusionary practices praxis with presenters Shelley Moore, Dr. Lauren Katzman, Dan Habib, Samuel Habib, LeDerick Horne, Keith Jones, and Dr. Alfredo Artiles. All of our inclusionary practices professional learning workshops, podcasts and resources are available on our LMS. 

Inclusionary Practices Tool Box

Here are some tools and resources to help you turn knowledge into action in your schools. 

Key Terms Related to Inclusionary Practices

As part of the Inclusionary Practices Project, many partners across the state are working collaboratively to align inclusionary practices. This includes the creation of agreed upon definitions of key terms related to inclusionary practices. 

AWSP Evidence of Impact for Inclusionary Practices

This tool will help you show the evidence of your impact for what you've done to improve your school's inclusionary practices. 

School Leader's Planner for Inclusionary Practices

This planner is a companion tool for the School Leader Paradigm. It has guiding questions and prompts to help you examine your reality and plan your action through the lens of culture, systems, and learning. 

AESD/AWSP IPP Action Planning Tool

This tool helps you set your learning goal and helps plan your next steps as you examine how you'll plan, assess, implement, and reflect. 

Partner Resources

October is Disability History Month

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Ashley Barker

For More Information 

Ashley Barker | Associate Director (Inclusion Project Lead) | (800) 562-6100

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