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Principal mentoring can support the development of novice school administrators as instructional leaders and increase principal retention, contributing to greater stability in school reform efforts over time. AWSP’s mentoring program is designed to pair new principals with a qualified mentor who has been specially trained by AWSP to support a new principal in their first years of building leadership.

Principal Induction Pilot

Principal induction, coupled with principal mentoring, are opportunities to put supports in place for your new hire. The research is clear, if we do not put supports in place, we will be less likely to keep leaders in their roles beyond just a few years. Induction is the key to insuring we GROW good leaders, from diverse backgrounds with strong local context!

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AWSP defines Leadership Coaching as a learning partnership between a coach and a principal in service of the development of leadership capacity in the principal. As a team, the pair identify growth goals, and through cycles of inquiry and action, the principal develops the self-awareness, skills, and strategies to achieve those goals. 

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Member Consults/Legal

All AWSP member types are eligible for free professional advice from AWSP executive staff on employment-related issues. Our seasoned staff can help you navigate a thorny issue or offer a helpful second opinion. Our services are always confidential and respectful of all parties involved.

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