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Grade Level Leadership Committees

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Our Committees Are Committed To...

  • Improving educational opportunities for all children in Washington’s schools.
  • Enhancing the image of the  principal as an educational leader and promoting greater recognition of the professional skill and performance demanded by the position.
  • Assisting school principals in fulfilling their leadership responsibilities.
  • Enhancing the unique and harmonious professional relationships between school principals and teachers.
  • Providing opportunities for principals to exchange professional ideas and materials.
  • Working for professional conditions that will enable principals to function properly as leaders in their schools and communities.
  • Encouraging professional growth through special assignments, creative work and study among principals in their local areas.
  • Providing high-quality student educational programs including student leadership and environmental education.
  • Presenting the professional opinion of our members to governmental and educational organizations, and to the general public.

Who Serves You | Rosters

Who Leads You | GLLC Staff Leads

To get involved with a GLLC, find out what they're up to, or suggest topics for the committee to address, contact our staff lead for your appropriate GLLC. 


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Jack Arend

Middle Level


Gina Yonts

High School


Scott Friedman

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AWSP Grade Level Leadership Committee Application

Want to Apply?

Interested in serving on either the Elementary Leadership Committee, Middle Level Leadership Committee, or the High School Leadership Committee? Fill out the quick online application. Our ESD Regional Leadership team will look at the applications to make an informed decision regarding open positions.

If you have any questions about the application, please email or call Kerry Mill at 1-800-562-6100. 


We've transitioned our component boards (formerly ESPAW, AWMLP, and WASSP) to our new Grade Level Leadership Committees. We made the move for a bunch of reasons, from trying to get more equitable representation across the state to making them more focused on serving our members and less about budgets and bylaws.

For a quick overview of some of these changes, read Dr. Scott Seaman's fall 2019 magazine article. To get a sense of how the new GLLCs operate, read the Standard Operating Procedures. 


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For More Information 

Scott Seaman | Executive Director | (800) 562-6100

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